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תוכנית שילוב והכלה Multiplying Emotional Support Same staff + New Skills = Double the treatment ליווי מורים ובתי ספר Workshops and Counseling from school-wide intervention to teacher specific solution תוכנית השתלבות מבוססת מחקר Research based protocol 6 years of research led by Prof. Eliezer Yariv

The problem:

Even one misbehaving kid
can hold back entire lesson

The Difficulty

Schools Just don't have
enough Therapists to keep up

The Solution:

Give eachers The Tools
To Be Classroom-Therapist


Discipline problems:
Why kids fail and teachers quit

Research shows many teachers spend up to 30% of classtime fighting for calm.

This means that discipline is the #1 time consumer of school time:
More than math or English!

It Is Time to Solve Discipline Problems


Emotional support:
In need of urgent support

An Average School has undreds of kids,
Dozens of Teachers'
A couple of guidance-counselors,
And 1 psychologist. Maybe.

So who will treat your kid if she's hurting?

And who will treat the kid hurting your kid?


Welcome to Maatefet:
More treatment. Better Resources.

Our exclusive protocol makes every teacher a research-proven 'Classroom-Therapist'.

Our team of Educational psychologists help teachers design and deliver effective intervention for light/medium problems.

Maatefet is backed by 6 years of research

Envelope: A three-layer treatment set. The next generation of emotional therapy

The idea is simple and revolutionary: instead of expensive and unavailable psychological treatment, Train each teacher and parent with focused tools to address a focused problem. To the Ministry of Education's Approval Program for the Integration and Inclusion Budget (# 7675) And is based on 6 years of research published in the journal JPMH

And the psychologists? They're still here. But behind the scenes

They are the ones who build a treatment plan for each child (together with the parent / teacher), Follow it with a smart application and algorithm in the cloud And develop such effective tools that every teacher and parent will succeed with.

What do you think? For which cases is it suitable?

Especially for the mild to moderate problems that flood the system: Disorders, absences, anxiety, family problems, etc. (Severe cases will still be referred to a psychologist but faster, and without harm to the environment)

The Ministry of Education's deadline is approaching ... Is your school entitled to the bride's budget for the envelope? Register now to check eligibility!

Our Courses

Maatefet: What We're About

Maatefet is the brainchild of Prof. Eliezer Yariv. The renowned educational-psychologist noticed something so obvious nobody has noticed it:  There are way more emotionally troubled kids than counselors and psychologists to treat them.

This problem is universal, global, and as old as schools themselves.  But Eliezer thought there's a solution:  Adopt the physician-nurse model to schools, by making teachers 'classroom-therapists'.6 years of field-research later, the Maatefet protocol has proven itself in controlled trials and launched across Israel.

  Join this exciting revolution now!

ניהול כיתה ובית ספר

What makes Maatefet the best Integration program?


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The Ministry of Education's deadline is approaching ... Is your school entitled to the bride's budget for the envelope? Register now to check eligibility!

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