META program at the Galilee Shores School

Sagi Keder, principal of the school "This year we chose through the shekel budget of the bridal basket and the integration of Prof.Read More

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Rachel Forschner is an educational psychologist

Nice to meet you, I'm Rachel Forschner, an educational psychologist specialist in the METP program. I have experience working in the public service, therapeutic work with parents, children...Read More

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Teachers share

"The insights about the further training and the psychological support of the shell training are very important to me. It made me experiment with therapeutic tools to deal with student difficulties...Read More

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Hilleli Yavnai is a psychologist

"Nice to meet you, I'm Hilleli. A mother and a psychologist. For years I worked in the educational psychological service of the Hoof Hasharon Regional Council, where I accompanied frameworks...Read More

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A gift for the manager

By: Prof. Eliezer Yariv as an educational psychologist and organizational consultant, the joint work with school principals gave rise to many insights. Over the years I have learned…Read More

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Randa Watted is an educational psychologist

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Randa, mother of Tima and Razi. Director of the Bejat Preschool Center, Preschool Coordinator at the Jat Preschool. Participating in a national forum...Read More

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Ma'in Shahar manages customer relations

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Ma'in, mother of Amit Harel and Ma'or. I worked in special education at Beit Ekstein and at the Emek Hefer Regional Council. When I heard about a program...Read More

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Alarms, post trauma and an old book making a comeback

In the coming hours and days, many traumas will turn into post-traumas. When Operation 'Guardian of Walls' reaches a ceasefire, and the alarms, the bombings, the lynchings are approaching (we all hope)...Read More

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Teachers tell

The intervention increased her self-awareness and her ability to cope and achieve. By: Yasmin Abed, 12th grade teacher, Afula, the student I chose...Read More

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Children must consent to treatment. In advance

Emotional therapy will be more successful if the child has given consent in advance by Prof. Eliezer Yariv Bad relations between teacher and student stem from dynamics...Read More

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